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Mrs. Sangeeta Kaiila, as she calls her Life a never ending Journey with endless scope to learn and grow, where every moment she has been intrigued to know more and enhance her knowledge.

She started her career from working for a multinational company from structured and limited life before  plunging into her long cherished passion of understanding the unknown powers of the universe. Since the beginning she was curious to study human life and its connection with the Supreme Power which directs and regulates all our being on Earth.

Famous proverb from Paulo Coelho’s best seller “The Alchemist” that once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen for you!

Her passion directed her towards the science of Life  Energy Force i.e. Reiki, Numerology and Hypnosis to behavioural science. An important turning point in her life came when she was introduced to Energy Healing, by her daughter, Tanya who became the medium to introduce Sangeeta to her First Guru, Mr. Pallav Sengupta, as if it was a call from the destiny, her life purpose calling!

The introduction triggered in her the desire to know and understand these sciences more deeply. She never had any doubts as her natural flow of life led her smoothly in to world of Esoteric Sciences with a mission to take this route to a higher level and be the catalyst to transform many lives.

Today while she attempts to balance her personal and professional life, with the immense satisfaction she derives in helping a guiding all those who come to her with her channelling ability through TAROT and Angel Cards, Counselling through Hypnosis and Regression Therapies. All the modalities she uses, she has been trained professionally with National and International Trainers that is the source of confidence in whatever she does today.

A dream once she saw has not become her vision to spread the self empowerment formula to as many as she can through Paramananda Foundation with her workshops and therapy sessions to eliminate suffering from all the lives she touches so that everyone can live a stress free life, full of peace, abundance and love.

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‘Let’s get together for life is more beautiful than we know of it”

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