Many who are determined to change any aspect of their life, personal, relationship, professional, spiritual or for material gain... Often are those who have tried everything but havent got desired results. the quest to find answers outside takes them round and round from pollar to post but all invain... The reson being that all the answers and awareness to break free from our past painful patterns of suffering is there within us. 

An untapped part of our consciousness where we seldom look for answers. Sangeeta is a trained therapist who is well equipped to direct such a quest of finding answers to those difficulties and facilitate each one to the right outcome and resolution is a knack she has developed over years of practice...

Some of the Therapies she offers are as following:

One on one consultatations for individuals and Corporates
for Self Development/Self Empowerment 

On prior appointment basis only
for appointment call + 91- 9811775467

Super Specializations
Tarot Reading
Angel Cards Reading
Theta Healing
Reiki Consultation
Therapies and Healing Sessions
Aura and Chakra Healing with Radical & Energy Healing
Emotional Empowerment Technique
Relationship Issues
Cord Cutting & Foreign Energy Release
Fear and Phobia Management
Pastlife Regression and Therapies
  (to deal with pastlife and karmic associations)
Therapies for Physical Body and Health Issues
Weight and Eating Disorders
Pain Management (Arthritis, Cervical Issues, Back Pain etc...)